REDRAGON K613P-KBS Wired,Wireless Gaming Keyboard , RGB Blacklit

36 $

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Redragon K613P-KBS Jax Pro 63-Key RGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
The Redragon K613P-KBS Jax Pro comes with Redragon 3-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz wireless modes. It can save and switch connections to multiple devices simultaneously. Thanks to the built-in upgraded 3.0/5.0 Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless chips, K613P-KBS Jax Pro offers a real-wireless and no-latency connection for all devices in the market. It is easy to toggle among different wireless devices. Low profile designed throughout the whole keyboard from the bottom board, middle Brown mechanical switches.

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